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The need for prevention initiatives in New Mexico is enormous.  The state consistently ranks in the top five for suicide, substance abuse problems plague our families, violence torments our communities, and our drop out rate puts our entire population at a disadvantage.  Teen pregnancy, poverty, obesity -- the list seems endless. 

New Mexico puts substantial monetary and human resources to work on these problems.  From government agencies to concerned individuals, all of our efforts are needed.  And we are making progress! The programs and training offerings described here focus on suicide prevention, intervention and postvention, yet by their nature also address a myriad of other youth issues. 

This website will tell you about some of the prevention efforts that are working in New Mexico and how they might work for you.  Whatever your interest in prevention, this website will hopefully offer you some resources to move forward.  It’s a team effort, so please take the initiative to make contact with those who can assist you or join with you in your endeavors.

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About JoAnn...

JoAnn M. Sartorius, L.I.S.W., has been working with youth, schools, and communities in a variety of clinical and educational settings throughout New Mexico for over 30 years. She is an independent consultant, trainer and program manager for suicide prevention and peer-to-peer helping programs statewide. She works through grants from the New Mexico Department of Health's Office of School and Adolescent Health as well as other city, county, school district and tribal entities all over the state.