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Natural Helpers Program

Program Information

If you are interested in starting a Natural Helpers program, the following information will be helpful:

Natural Helpers "Program Overview"
Natural Helpers "Benefits of Membership"
Natural Helpers "Justification for Youth Involvement"
Natural Helpers "Desired Program Outcomes"
Natural Helpers "Program Outcome Measurement"

Feel free to e-mail JoAnn for more information on Natural Helpers member selection, start-up info, evaluation info, cultural adaptations, or for program assistance. 

For Current Sponsors

For current sponsors of Natural Helpers, other peer-to-peer helping programs, and all positive youth development programs: the more we work together sharing information, skills, experience and resources, the better for our youth. If the New Mexico Department of Health's Office of School & Adolescent Health (OSAH) does not know about your peer-to-peer helping program or youth development program, please let them know by clicking here! The OSAH folks are always working to find ways to support effective programs for our youth.